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So you’ve completed the first, most important step toward advancing your career or starting down a brand new professional path. You’ve gone back to school and earned a college diploma. Congratulations!
Now that you’ve got the credentials you need to get ahead in your field, it’s time to focus on landing that first position – the dream job that will let you apply all that you’ve worked so hard to learn.
Most recent graduates know the fundamentals of a successful job search and interview, such as creating a professional resume, arriving ten minutes early, and following-up with a thank-you email. But there are a few other insider tricks every job candidate should be aware of to truly maximize their hiring potential.
So whether you’ve just finished accounting courses or completed healthcare training , check out this infographic for lesser-known expert tips on landing your first job after graduation.


Expert Tips to Land Your First Job after Career College

Create a customized cover letter
“Your resume might be impressive – but the cover letter will make or break your chances” – Business Insider

  • A clear statement that explains why you’re passionate about your field
  • How your previous work and/or life experiences have prepared you for the job
  • Why you would love to work for the organization (to prove you’re familiar with the company)

Get noticed … Prepare insightful “reverse-interview” questions
“Candidates who truly interviewed me and the company were at the top of my list.” – Brian Fino, CEO of Fino Consulting

  • What makes you excited to work here?
  • What do you find most challenging about your role?
  • Where do you see this organization going in the next 5-10 years?

Use body language to communicate confidence
Body language expert, Amy Cuddy from Harvard Business School found that 2-minute power poses reduce cortisol (stress hormone) by 10% and raise testosterone (confidence hormone) by 20%

  • Sit up tall with legs and arms uncrossed
  • Make regular eye contact and smile
  • Try a 2-minute “power pose” (like the “wonder woman”) in private, before your interview

Polish your LinkedIn profile
A recent survey by Jobvite revealed that 45% of recruiters and hiring managers examine applicants’ social media profiles to confirm their qualifications

  • A recent, professional-looking photo (no selfies!)
  • Up-to-date history of employment and related experience
  • Use keywords as SEO is a key element on LinkedIn
  • Endorsements from past employers, organizations where you’ve volunteered, and/or instructors


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